Braces, San Clemente, CA

Braces, San Clemente, CA

Braces, San Clemente, CAIf you are considering teeth straightening options, talk to Dr. John Redmond about braces. Located in beautiful San Clemente, CA, John Redmond Orthodontics can give you a beautiful smile. His office is located on 181 Avenida Vaquero Suite C in San Clemente, CA 92672.

All children should be evaluated by an orthodontist by the age of seven. Orthodontic evaluations will allow Dr. John Redmond to determine when the best time for braces would be. If children are evaluated by an orthodontist early on in life, it can reduce the need for much more complex treatments later on that can be worsened later on in development.

People who have crooked or misaligned teeth may be insecure or self-conscious about their smile. Dr. John Redmond can put braces on you, and give you a beautiful smile. A beautiful smile is priceless and has a lifetime of benefits. If you are scared of braces, do not be. Dr. John Redmond talks all of his patients through their treatment plans, and will put you at ease. Your comfort is our priority at every step of the way from when you first come into our office and until you get your braces off. Taking your braces off and seeing your beautiful smile at the end of your course of treatment is our reward.

The best time to get braces from Dr. John Redmond is during adolescence. During adolescence, teenagers’ jaw bones are almost done growing, which is why this is an ideal time for an orthodontist to correct their teeth. By getting braces at Dr. John Redmond’s office in San Clemente, CA earlier on in life, you will have a beautiful, healthy smile that will give you the confidence you deserve as you mature into a young adult.

However, appearance is important at any age. If you are older, and did not get braces when you were younger, you can get braces now. Thirty percent of Dr. John Redmond’s patients at his office in San Clemente, CA are adults. Many adults do not just need braces to fix their smiles, but to improve the overall functionality of their bite. Having braces as an adult is now more convenient and comfortable than ever. Do not worry about the head gear braces you may have had as a child. New technological advancements have made it even easier for adults to finally achieve the smile they have always wanted, and deserve to have.