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Tips on Oral Hygiene

Dentist in San Clemente, CA

Dentist San Clemente, CA

Most people do not enjoy going to the dentist, but a dentist in San Clemente, CA from John Redmond Orthodontics understands this, which is why we do everything possible to make our patients feel comfortable while in our office. Our entire staff, including Dr. John Redmond, also encourages patients to take preventative measures for their oral hygiene in an effort to minimize trips to the dentist. Establishing healthy habits early on can reduce the likelihood of needing long term and costly treatments for conditions such as gum disease and root canals. Though needing braces might be inevitable thanks to one’s genes, it’s still important to keep teeth as healthy and shiny as possible. If you may be in need of an orthodontist, we encourage you to call us at John Redmond Orthodontics for an exam with our dentist in San Clemente, CA.

Visit a Hygienist for Cleanings

Seeing a hygienist on a regular basis for cleanings can go a long way toward preventing dental issues. Your dental hygienist can also provide you with specific information based on your circumstances and current oral health. Following their recommendations can help prevent you from developing additional issues. Dr. John Redmond of John Redmond Orthodontics is a dentist in San Clemente, CA who encourages prevention. Here are some tips that can help you avoid dental issues:

  • Brush your teeth after every meal.
  • Floss your teeth after every meal.
  • Eat healthy foods and avoid unhealthy foods such as those containing high amounts of sugar. Diet plays an important factor in oral health. A healthy diet can help prevent problems down the road such as cavities, as a dentist in San Clemente, California can tell you.

Orthodontic Dental Procedures

It is important to us that you feel comfortable and at ease when undergoing treatment for dental issues with our orthodontist. Our highly trained staff will provide you with the information you need about what you can expect regarding upcoming dental procedures. If you have questions or concerns, you can feel confident that we will respond with patience and compassion. If you are in need of a dentist in San Clemente, CA who provides braces, give us a call.

Payment Options

We pledge to always be clear with you regarding the cost before you undergo any procedure at John Redmond Orthodontics. We will spend time with you going over your treatment plan and discussing payment options. You put yourself at risk of developing further problems should you choose to avoid going to a dentist in San Clemente, CA. It could result in dental problems can be even more expensive to manage. Thankfully, we can provide you with flexible payment options that you can afford.

Why Regular Dental Visits Are Important

When was the last time you visited the dentist’s office? For most people, the answer is that it’s been too long. It’s important that you don’t dismiss the importance of regular dental checkups. Problems can be quick to develop and regular checkups can ensure that you are healthy. If problems do arise, then you can have them taken care of just as quickly. Many people ignore their dental health but this isn’t a good idea. In fact, you should be seeing a San Clemente dentist regularly to make sure that you are in good health. If you’re unsure of why you need to see one, here are the benefits of regular visits.

Teeth Cleanings

Teeth cleanings are crucial to the health of your mouth. If you allow your teeth to remain covered in plaque, it can lead to gum disease. This is particularly true if the patient does not have the best oral hygiene habits outside of the dentist’s office. Not only will your teeth feel cleaner after a cleaning, but you will avoid further problems due to plaque buildup.

Important Diagnosis

When you have a regular checkup, the dentist will check for a number of different conditions. He or she may be able to see signs of oral cancer, vitamin deficiencies, and even diabetes. In addition, he or she may be able to see any problems with the movement of your jaw or with your bite. When you go to the dentist regularly, he or she can spot problems and help you fix them before they become worse. The examination tells you a lot about your health and what steps you need to take to preserve it.

Treatment Plans

If you do not have regular checkups, then you may not be on the right treatment plan. Most dentists will try to come up with treatment options if you have problems with your teeth. The regular visits allow him or her to develop a plan and also to adjust it as needed. You should always be concerned about your oral health.

A regular dental checkup will help you maintain your oral health. Sometimes, problems with your teeth can develop quickly. When you have cavities, they may become worse quickly. It’s always better to understand what’s happening with your mouth, then to be in the dark about it. There are many reasons to keep up with your dental health, but to have routine visits is incredibly beneficial. 

Call John Redmond Orthodontics to schedule your initial exam. We can help you feel at ease from the moment you walk in the door. After your exam, Dr. Redmond can determine if orthodontics are warranted or if a different treatment is needed. John Redmond Orthodontics is a member of a network of dentist professionals and we are happy to provide recommendations when a patient is in need of services that we do not offer. Contact us today if you are in need of a dentist San Clemente, CA patients have trusted for over two decades.