How Do You Know It’s Time for Braces?

How Do You Know It’s Time for Braces?

If you tend to smile with your lips closed or cover your mouth when you laugh, then you probably have insecurities about your teeth. Many people have crooked teeth, but some may eventually seriously consider getting braces to improve their smile. Braces will help straighten teeth, address bite issues, and enhance the overall look of your smile. Perhaps the most exciting part is that braces give you results that last for the rest of your life! Once complete, all you have to do is maintain. 

As someone who may be toying around with the idea of getting braces, how do you know that it’s the right time for you? Here we have listed just a few of the most common reasons people get braces: 


When you bite, do your bottom teeth hit the roof of your mouth? If so, you may have an overbite. If a person doesn’t receive orthodontist care for an overbite, it can lead to front teeth and gum tissue damage. Regardless of how old you are, your orthodontist can improve your smile by addressing the overbite issue. It is much easier to fix overbite problems in children, since their jaws have not yet finished growing.

However, this doesn’t mean that adults and seniors cannot still benefit from fixing an overbite! No matter the age, if you are insecure about your overbite or it’s causing you dental issues, you may want to think about getting braces.


If your lower teeth overlap the top teeth when you smile, then you likely have an underbite. This kind of dental issue can be more difficult during talking or eating, and increases the risk of an oral injury. Anyone who thinks they have an underbite issue is encouraged to get a consultation with a reputable orthodontist near them. 


The most prevalent reason people get braces is to fix a crowding problem. If it feels like there isn’t sufficient room in your mouth for your teeth, you may have crowding that causes your teeth to not rest next to each other. Addressing crowded teeth can greatly improve a person’s smile and boost their confidence too. 

If you need braces or orthodontic care, consider talking with an orthodontist, such as a dedicated professional from John Redmond Orthodontics.