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Orthodontics Dana Point, CA Trusts Answers: Am I too old to get braces?

Orthodontics Dana Point, CAMany of our mature patients are surprised when a dentist recommends that they consider orthodontics Dana Point, CA trusts, particularly getting braces. After all, aren’t braces just for kids? In actuality, they are not. For many of the same reasons that braces are beneficial to children, braces can also improve the quality of life for our adult patients. In fact, one in five orthodontic patients are over the age of eighteen, according to the American Association of Orthodontists.

At John Redmond Orthodontics, we treat patients of all ages; from the very young to individuals in their advanced years. If you believe you may benefit from orthodontics in Dana Point, CA, particularly wearing braces, contact us today to schedule an exam with our orthodontist to learn more.

The Need for Wearing Braces

Not everyone who needed braces as a child was able to get them. Their family may not have had the financial resources to pay for them, or maybe they lived in an area where orthodontic treatment was not available. As adults, the need for braces may not have waned and now that they have the ability to properly take care of their teeth, they may seek care with orthodontics in Dana Point, CA. At John Redmond Orthodontics, we welcome new patients who would like to explore the many advantages of having teeth that are correctly aligned. Here are some of the most popular reasons for why patients choose to get braces as adults:

  •         Enjoy an improved smile.
  •         Feel proud of your beautiful teeth.
  •         Be more comfortable when chewing and swallowing because your jaw is properly aligned.
  •         Clean your teeth more easily when brushing and flossing.
  •         In some cases, a realignment of one’s teeth can improve one’s speech patterns.

What Mature Patients Should Know About Wearing Braces

As a human ages, natural changes in the body occurs. For instance, after a certain age, the bones stop growing. When a child is fitted with braces, it is understood that their bones will change as they grow and this is taken into account.

  •         As an adult, your orthodontist may recommend one or more surgical procedures to accommodate the braces as your bones are less forgiving than that of a growing child’s.
  •         As an adult, you may need to wear braces for a longer period of time as compared to a child’s. Your professional of orthodontics for Dana Point, CA can provide you with an estimated treatment length and when you can expect that wearing braces will no longer be necessary.

How do braces work?

Your orthodontist can explain how Dana Point, CA orthodontics will affect your particular teeth structure. However, as a general explanation, braces place pressure on the patient’s teeth with the goal of moving them into alignment. Some patients will need to have one or more teeth removed in order to make room in their mouth for the proper movement.

  •         Braces rely on brackets mounted to the teeth. Archwires thread through the brackets and are attached to the molars. The wires apply pressure to the teeth which causes them to move over time.
  •         The wires can be almost invisible, or colored to suit the patient’s preferences and style.

To learn more about how braces may be a solution for you, contact us at John Redmond Orthodontics. We will be pleased to schedule an exam for orthodontics Dana Point, CA patients depend on.