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When Braces Are Necessary

Whether or not a child absolutely needs to have braces is often a matter of choice on behalf of the parents. However, necessity can be defined in several ways, and it is often a subjective determination. In fact, it’s for this reason that we encourage our young patients and their parents to meet with our orthodontist prior to making the decision whether or not to move forward with orthodontic solutions. After a comprehensive dental exam, our orthodontist at John Redmond Orthodontics can provide knowledgeable insight about treatment options, costs, and an estimate of how long your youngster may be wearing braces.

No two people are exactly alike, and that includes the dental structure of children. Many patients benefit from the treatment provided by braces for one or more reasons. Some of the most common indicators include:

  • Difficulty with biting or chewing food.
  • Baby teeth that fell out too early or too late or in an irregular pattern.
  • Finger or thumb sucking.
  • Breathing through the mouth instead of the nose.
  • Teeth that are larger than average and which causes crowding or misplacement.
  • Teeth or jaw is out of proportion with the remainder of the face.
  • Teeth that do not meet together at all or are misaligned.
  • Biting the roof of the mouth or the cheek.
  • The jaw shifts or makes sounds.

The ideal age at which a child should be fitted with braces varies from one patient to the next. It’s common for children between the ages of 8 and 14 to begin receiving orthodontic treatment. This is because most are beginning to get their permanent teeth and their bodies are still growing. These factors may make a patient an optimum candidate for braces, though many adults benefit from them as well. Early treatment may offer the best outcome for some, but for others it is less of an issue. Our orthodontist can provide you with more insight specific to your child after an exam. For example, before getting braces, a patient may need to be treated for more time sensitive issues such as periodontal (gum) disease, or missing or damaged teeth.

Many people develop orthodontic problems, and for a variety of reasons which makes it a common condition. Our orthodontist has seen many examples of this in Dana Point. Depending on the nature of the problem, it may be unavoidable such as when it’s inherited from the family genes. Regardless of how your child developed an issue or issues that might benefit from wearing braces, it may be correctable. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Inherited. Orthodontic issues that are commonly inherited include excessive space between teeth, extra teeth, missing teeth, crowding, jaw growth complications.
  • Sucking a finger at an early age.
  • Breathing only through the mouth rather than through the nose.
  • Poor nutrition.
  • Poor dental hygiene.

To learn more about orthodontic care, including braces, and if they may benefit your child, call us today to schedule an exam with an orthodontist in Dana Point families have trusted for decades.