Orthodontics Treatments: AcceleDent

Faster Braces with AcceleDent

Faster Braces with AcceleDent in San Clemente

We offer AcceleDent for patients who want to accelerate their orthodontic treatment. By vibrating the teeth during short daily sessions, this new technology speeds the corrective process significantly. It is completely safe and can actually make braces more comfortable. Here is a deeper look at the advantages of the AcceleDent orthodontic system and how it can enhance your progress towards teeth that are more attractive and better protected against oral health problems.

Key Benefits of AcceleDent

The AcceleDent Aura

The AcceleDent Aura, which has only recently become available to orthodontic patients, makes treatment easier to tolerate as well as faster. Here are some key benefits of this system to consider:

  • lightweight and comfortable to use
  • convenient and hands-free so that it can be used while patients read or watch television
  • available to both adolescents and adults
  • compatible with most types of braces
  • able to increase the rate of treatment without reducing the quality of results

Just 20 minutes of use each day is enough to shorten total orthodontic treatment time by between 38 and 75 percent.

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