Pros to Getting Invisalign

Pros to Getting Invisalign

One of the best things about getting Invisalign is that it doesn’t take too long before you notice results. Most people observe positive changes to their teeth around eight week or so. But, this only happens if you are dedicated to the process and keep Invisalign in for twenty-two hours or more every day. Only take out aligners when eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth.

If you are interested in having Invisalign, read the following benefits below and then consider speaking with an orthodontist near you! 

Treatment Is Simple and Effective

Invisalign treatment comes with a set of clear trays that are ready for you to wear and then change every couple weeks, as your smile is coaxed into its new position. Depending on your case, your orthodontist can let you know how many trays are required to achieve the smile you are looking for. 

You are Motivated to Floss More

This may sound silly, but the way aligners work actually motivates a person to floss more often, which means their mouth will be much healthier! Flossing is always important. But if you don’t floss when wearing aligners, food can get stuck in between your teeth and it doesn’t allow the aligners to sit as they should. It may be uncomfortable and then the plaque can rub off onto the aligners. The best way to ensure your aligners are working optimally is by flossing regularly!

Invisalign Can Help Brighten Your Smile

The intention of Invisalign is to realign teeth so that dental issues are corrected and smiles are straighter. Another positive side effect of these clear trays is that it can help make your teeth whiter too. If you brush with a whitening toothpaste, the properties that stick to your teeth and protect them from stain won’t get washed off as easily since you’ll have the aligners over your teeth most of the day. Furthermore, it can reduce the occurrence of cavities, because the fluoride in your toothpaste will adhere to teeth and not get slowly rinsed off from drinking water. 

To learn more about Invisalign and whether it’s right for you, schedule a consultation with a local orthodontist, such as a professional from John Redmond Orthodontics.